Blogspot: Saturday 12th of March

Saturday 12th of March

The journey is on its half -way, time to think and to rethink, start and restart in order to go on.

After an intense and concrete week, that helped us, the participants of the Space the Final Frontier, to think about the possibilities of using technologies in order to open a dialogue with the Space, Saturday seem to be the day that all these lectures, presentations and conversation, had the chance to take form through the different projects that will be realize the following five days.

Saturday morning it was the day that we had breakfast late around with some people of us to start our day with a hangover from the previous night’s drinking at the living room of the first floor at Aranha’s home.


There was no schedule for the day, except it was the shopping for the projects. So every group that needed electronics, meet up around eleven close to the town Hall, in an area that exists many stores with electronics. The participants from the Solar/Time project was there and they bought what is necessary to built up their idea, discussing also what is next for the project, the meeting finished and Eelco brought the Solar Panel and the sensors etc back in his room that started to transformed it slowly into a lab in the afternoon.


For the rests seem that was a “free” day but the fact that the projects just begun, found every group to had arrange meeting in the morning and in afternoon.

The Bangaluru Data Bank {BDB }project had a meeting in a cafe at Brigade street, after sharing ideas and questions of the next step for the project, such as how to built the data bank and trans-coding the data, the participants had a walk to the nearby mg road and commercial street, experience the bangalore markets, collecting data, and made shopping.

The BDB group end up at Aranha’s home, starting searching for couple of hours.


 Same story for repositioning inbetween space project they had the meeting in the afternoon at the church street, to ,discussing the different possibilities of the projects, buying books and making research.

For thebreaking the Bangalore surface group it was a day that decided to work individually and to have a meetingon Sunday.


 The participants form the Dutch Art Institute, met at Koshy’s restaurant that some of them enjoy the concert of Jazz music by Ms. Shilpa Bavikatte from Chicago, Illinois, US, Accompanied by
Drums   Mr. Gopi,  Bangalore, Keyboard  Mr. Floyd Santimano, Goa, Guitar Mr. Praveen David , at Koshy’s Chill Out.
After that they had dinner all together at Koshy’s restaurant, exchange the different experiences of this day, having nice Indian food and drinking lasi and beers, relaxing at the end of this day.


 Returning at the hotel with different rikshaw’s ending the saturday night at Bangaluru, again in the living room of the hotel without drinks this time, seems that we starting to experience an every day routine, while at the same time we experience something completely diffrerent far away from our every day life.



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  1. Nancy Tjong Says:

    haha Kostas! Nice of you to name No names in the hangover part :-)